Born in Joliet, Illinois, Attended Jr. College then Ray Vogue School of Photography in Chicago. Worked at Stowell Studio in Chicago photographing for Sears, Brock's Candy among others. Worked at Barber-Greene Co. as an Industrial Photographer for 12 years traveling the U.S. and Canada. Was a Technical Writer for Portec Inc. and Interlake Automated Guided Vehicles before starting his freelance graphic and commercial photography business. He freelanced for 40 years and semi-retired in 2015. Some of his larger clients included Caterpillar, Remline Tools (Sears), Richards-Wilcox, MTH Pump, Melrose T-Top (Replacement T-Tops for Corvettes), and Cresswood Shredding Machinery. Dave also specializes in retouching and advertising, design/layout.​​​​​​​
Moved to the “Forgotten Coast” six years ago
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